Miracle of a big time job

I joined the Church in December last year while I was studying for my PhD doctorate programme. The teaching of the pastors opened my eyes to the promises of God in the Bible. Prior to joining The King’s Castle Church, I had not taken God’s word seriously. But while I continued to grow through the teaching of God’s word on holiness, righteousness and faith, I realised that my confidence in God and in His power was increasing. I knew the job situation in the UK was bad, yet I had prayed and believed that my case is different and that God will give me a good job in my professional career. By faith, I applied for a number of jobs, and even before I concluded my studies, I was offered a job that is too big to be true.

God truly answers prayers. Thank you pastors for the uncompromising teaching of God’s word. God bless you all.

Brother O.M.