Miracle of healing of organs failure

This man’s daughter who had attended our Bible studies on a few occasions, requested for our team to visit her daddy at the hospital for prayers. When we saw the man, Pastor Banjo said, “I thought immediately there was no way in the natural that he would survive. His stomach was very big beyond any I have ever seen”. We were told that his heart, kidney and liver were failing and near total collapse. The waste water was returning to his body and the doctors didn’t give him any hope. In fact, they had stopped the treatment altogether according to his children by his bed side looking helplessly.

Pastor Banjo and his assistant prayed at the first visit and there was no change in man’s condition. A few days’ later, Pastor Banjo and his team were invited again, and prayers were said for him. From that moment on, his body began to get well, and regained the full use of all his failing organs. He was later discharged.

Praise God for His mercies and His power!

Miroslav (translated from Czech)