The Story Of The King’s Castle Church

At the beginning
This is a story of God’s grace which resulted in starting this Church. The setting was in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2003 after I had responded to the call of God to serve in the ministry. To enable me fulfill what I knew God had called me to do, I resigned my job in the I.T. industry and proceeded to seek God’s face in prayer to identify the location for the ministry.
It transpired that after I had spent some in prayer and fasting in London, I traveled to Newcastle at the invitation of a friend to attend his friend’s birthday party. It was during that first trip to Newcastle that the Lord spoke to me that I ought to start the ministry in Newcastle after I had finished observing a 3-day prayer and fasting whilst seeking the face of God for the direction in pursuit of the assignment God has called me into.

The night visions
Little did I know that on my first night ever in Newcastle-upon-Tyne which was a Friday night, that the Lord will show me a vision at the night time where I was instructed to destroy some temples of idols within the land. I commenced this task by throwing bombs at some temples of idols. Of course, this immediately incurred the wrath of the temple workers. Consequently, a battle ensued between the workers of the temple and myself. I immediately prayed for revelation and the meaning of this vision.
Also, after the party on the Saturday night, I saw another vision where I was given a machine gun and a bucket full of rounds of ammunitions coiled around my neck and overflowing into the bucket. I saw another person also who was my helper. We were taught how to use the machine gun, and the Teacher (I believe this is the Master Jesus Himself), and said to me that the machine gun was needful to engage the forces of hell on the ground.
After I had prayed for a full interpretation of these visions, I gathered that the first vision meant prayer (explosive power in the air like that of a bomb). And the second vision meant evangelism (ground assaults against the forces of darkness). And my Teacher is Jesus Christ.
Thereafter, I travelled back to my home in London to prepare a weekly trip to Newcastle during which I commenced a Prayer Fellowship. My travel to Newcastle was usually for a few days at a time.

The Open-air evangelism begins
On this fateful day, while I had arrived at Newcastle train station, I felt like walking to the town centre and found myself at unfamiliar location, called Earl Grey’s Monument. There I saw a man who was speaking which I reckoned was a public preaching at the Monument. I quickly gathered that I could preach there too if given the permission by the Local Council. Of course, on the same day I started preaching at the Monument and a number of passers-by stopped to listen, some sobbed uncontrollably and some others heckled. The preaching at the Monument then continued every week, and a number of the new converts and my new Christian friends wanted me to hire a building for proper Church services which I did.
God poured His grace on the work at the open-air evangelism and some people reconciled themselves to the Lord and some other notable miracles of healings and blessings were witnessed.
So continues the work:
Of course, the work has continued with the help of God and that hasn’t been without devil’s ferocious attack and persecution. That cannot stop the work of God , therefore, we had experienced astronomical growth in size since then, leading to other 3 Church plants since then, namely:

  • The King’s Castle Church, Sunderland
  • The King’s Castle Church, South Shields
  • The King’s Castle Czech Slovak Church

We have 23 nations represented in our Newcastle Church, including Egyptians and Iranians, and with a population of over 100 Czech Slovak indigenes.
By God’s grace, we purchased our Church building in Newcastle debt-free as promised by the Lord. And lately, in December 2016, we purchased our Church property in Sunderland debt -free also.
We have witnessed a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our Church, which manifested in healings and miracles.

Our God hasn’t finished with us, so goes the story…