Discipleship Classes

This is one of the cardinal pillars of our Church. We believe firmly that a new convert is a Christian, but becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ requires faith, commitment and learning from the examples of the heroes of the Bible. We encourage our members to adopt a Bible reading plan in which they will be able to finish reading the Bible in one or two years.

In the Discipleship Classes we teach other Bible curriculum like the Books of the Bible, the Doctrines, the history of the Bible, the End Time events and other such topics which individuals may find difficult to understand on their own. Some members can take their quest for knowledge of the Bible to another level, such as attending a Bible College in which they can receive a Certificate, Diploma or Degree
Workers’ Training: Our Church services depend largely on volunteers to help in running the operations and departments of the Church. Every believer is encouraged to become a worker/volunteer in the Church. We hold trainings for every worker.
New Members’ Classes: Every new member is encouraged to attend our New Members’ Classes. We teach them about our ways and principles of operation. Visitors to the Church may not attend unless they want to become members.