Evangelism is one of the four cardinal pillars of The King’s Castle Church. As we are admonished by the Scriptures of the Bible in Mark 16:15, Acts 1 and 2 Timothy 4:5, that we should witness Jesus to the unbelievers with the aim of leading them to become Christians and church goers. We often encourage our Church congregation to participate in this by going to the town centre of Newcastle and the neighbour of Byker on Saturdays and Bank Holidays.

Musical Outreach

We take our musical band out to sing gospel music on the streets and marketplaces and witness the gospel to the people. During this occasion, we see a lot of people enquiring about the Church and the Gospel music. We use the opportunity of these enquiries to engage the people one on one and explain the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to them. The evangelism and outreaches have given rise to the numerical growth of our Church.