God made a way, with our daughter’s birth.

Concerning our daughter’s birth, we want to thank and glorify God for making a way for us to have her.

-There is a history of miscarriage in my mom’s family, therefore this was a major prayer point on our minds as a couple prior to and during conception.

– All glory to God, there was no trouble or major concerns in conception, during the course of the pregnancy, or during the labour. Ruth did struggle more with dealing with her emotions during this pregnancy, because a lot of things around us as a family were changing, from finances to positioning. However, through it all, God kept us all.

-Our testimony concerning Victoria-Faith’s birth in summary is that no matter what may be going on around you, God will always make a way for you, as He is greater than any situation around you and will preserve you into your place of destiny.

Samson & Ruth