Children – Youth


The Children Church is for children from 3 years to 11 years old. Here the teachers are volunteer parents most of whom are parents in the Church. The curriculum materials for teaching the children are put together by Christian Children teachers who specialise in such ministries. Children are taught values and virtues as taught by the Bible, including Christian songs, plays, musical instruments and memory verses.

During Easter, Christmas and other festivities, all the children are encouraged to take part in the plays and group singing.

Youth Church

The aim of this ministry is to bring the youth in line with the Word of God despite the complex and conflicting ungodly world views they are likely to be exposed to. At this stage of a child’s life, we believe there are many distractions emanating from the news media, social media, movies and their peers. We are passionate about getting the youth orientated with the Word of God so that they can make informed godly decisions when they are away from the glare of their parents and guardians.

This foundation is necessary for a child of the youth age as they are making choices on daily basis informed by the World around them. We believe bringing the Word of God into their lives is necessary to lay a firm and strong Godly foundation in their lives which they will build on as they grow older and move away from home to progress their academics to College and Universities in cities and countries other than where their parents and guardians live.