Prayer Meetings

Our Church depends on God for His help for protection, healing and supply of our needs, therefore prayer has become one of the pillars of our Church’s tenets.

Friday Weekly Prayer Meetings: We hold prayer meetings every Friday during which methods of prayers and faith to receive from God are taught.
Early Morning Prayer meetings: On occasions, we hold Early Morning Prayer meetings @ 05:30am to 07:30am. Here, we encourage our members to attend and prayer for as little as 30 minutes to start their days with God in prayer.
All Night Prayers: We hold All Night Prayer meetings twice a month on Fridays from 10:00pm to 02:00am or sometimes till 05:00am.
Prayer & Fasting: We observe fasting for at least one week in every month. This is in keeping with the teaching and practice of Jesus Christ. Jesus said in Matthew 17:21 “This kind [of problem] does not go out except by prayer and fasting.”