Times of Refreshing

In Matthew 6 (KVJ), Jesus Christ identified that Gentiles seek earthly things but God wants us to seek deeper spiritual things as believers. We have been saved to seek heaven and make God’s will manifest on earth. We must align our desires with the will of God and pray according to God’s will. God’s purpose […]

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The Exploits of Prayer (Part 2)

Continuing in the series on The Exploits of Prayer, Pastor Banjo clarifies that in Prayer there is the will of God, the will of Man and the will of the World. He points out that praying according to the will of God will get us the best results in any situation while praying the will […]

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The Exploits of Prayer (Part 1)

Prayer is an important part of your life as a Christian, and as a Pastor I have lived in prayer. Great things cannot happen for you if you do not pray. 1 Thessalonians 5.17 (KJV) suggests that we pray continually. While it is ok to pray for five minutes sometimes, other times, you would need […]

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